Doctor Sleep, Paperback, 2013 Horns, Paperback, 2013 Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury, Paperback, 2013 Full Dark, No Stars, Paperback, 2011 Duma Key, Paperback, 2008 Cell, Paperback, 2006 The Dark Tower - The Drawing of the Three, Paperback, 2004 Lost Boy Lost Girl, Paperback, 2004 The Dark Tower - Wizard and Glass, Paperback, 2003 From a Buick 8, Paperback, 2003 The Dark Tower - The Waste Lands, Paperback, 2002 The Dark Tower - The Gunslinger, Paperback, 1999 The Shining, Paperback, 1997 Firestarter, Paperback Pet Sematary, Paperback
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