Stephen King: Night Shift - Collection

Cemetery Dance, Hardcover, USA, 2017 Vulkan, Paperback, Serbia, 2017 Sudamericana, Paperback, Argentina, 2015 Debolsillo, Paperback, Mexico, 2013 Debolsillo, Paperback, Mexico, 2013 Holdorf Edition, Doubleday, Hardcover, USA, 1993 Anchor, Paperback, USA, 2012 JC Lattès, Paperback, France, 1993 Prószyński i S-ka, Hardcover, Poland, 2003 Prószyński i S-ka, Hardcover, Poland, 2011 Bertrand Editora, Paperback, Portugal, 2009 1 of 1000 limited Gold Skull Edition, PS Publishing, Hardcover, Great Britain, 2017 1 of 1000, limited Blue Skull Edition, PS Publishing, Hardcover, Great Britain, 2017 Ich weiß was du brauchst, Luitingh-Sijthoff, Paperback, The Netherlands, 1985 Fusosha, Paperback, Japan, 1988 Buch 2, Fusosha, Paperback, Japan, 1988 Ponto de Leitura, Paperback, Brazil, 2014 Goldenbough, Paperback, South Korea, 2003 Reprint edition, Anchor, Paperback, USA, 2011 Albatros, Paperback, Poland, 2015 ACT, Hardcover, Russia, 2014 Bard, Paperback, Bulgaria, 1985 Bastei-Lübbe, Paperback, Germany
Strawberry Spring, 1968Night Surf, 1969Graveyard Shift, 1970I am the Doorway, 1971Battleground, 1972The Mangler, 1972Grey Matter, 1973The Boogeyman, 1973Trucks, 1973Sometimes They Come Back, 1974The Lawnmower Man, 1975I know what you need, 1976The Ledge, 1976Children of the Corn, 1977The Man Who Loved Flowers, 1977One for the Road, 1977Quitters, Inc, 1978The Woman in the room, 1978The Last Rung on the Ladder, 1978Jerusalem's Lot, 1978

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