Stephen King: The Shining - Novel

Doubleday, Paperback, USA Bastei-Lübbe, Paperback, Germany Paperback, Germany Bastei-Lübbe, Paperback, Germany, 1987 Bastei Lübbe Stars, Paperback, Germany, 2007 BILD Bestseller Bibliothek, Weltbild, Hardcover, Germany, 2004 Europa, Hardcover, Hungary, 2006 Europa, Paperback, Hungary, 2006 Europa, Paperback, Hungary, 1996 Europa, Paperback, Hungary, 1994 Arkadia, Paperback, Hungary, 1991 Europa, Hardcover, Hungary, 1986 Arkadia, Paperback, Hungary, 1986 Bastei Entertainment, ebook, Germany, 2013 New English Library, Paperback, Great Britain, 1987 Hodder & Stoughton, Paperback, Great Britain, 2007 Turtleback Books, Paperback, Great Britain, 2002 Perfection Learning, Hardcover, USA, 2001 Large Print Book Series, G.K. Hall & Co., Hardcover, Great Britain, 1993 Zaltvyksle, Paperback, Lithuania, 1993 Alma littera, Paperback, Lithuania, 2012 Huang Guan, Paperback, China, 2012 Lübbe-Audio, Audio Book, Germany, 2012

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