Tom Holland: Thinner - Film

Republic Pictures Home Video, Laser Disc, USA, 1997
Great Britain
Warner Home Video, VHS, Great Britain, 1998
FSK 18 - Red Edition , Crest Movies, DVD, Germany, 2013 FSK 18 - uncut, DVD, Germany, 2013 FSK 18, uncut, Extras : Magic of Spezial Effects Make Up, Bootleg, DVD, Germany US Video Center, VHS, Germany, 1999 FSK 16, Warner Home Entertainment, VHS, Germany, 1996
Pioneer LDC, Laser Disc, Japan, 1997
Paramount, DVD, Portugal, 2010 Warner Home Video, VHS, Portugal, 1997
Hong Kong
ERA Home Entertainment, Laser Disc, Hong Kong, 1997

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