George A. Romero: Creepshow - Film

1 of 500 limited Mediabook Edition, Laser Paradise, Blu-Ray, Germany, 2013 Rated R, Warner Home Entertainment, DVD, USA, 2009 Als Vinyl-LP, Waxwork Records, Movie Score, USA, 2014 FSK 18, uncut, mit Leslie Nielson, neu synchronisiert, E-M-S, DVD, Germany FSK 16, gekürzt, Constanin / Taurus, VHS, Germany, 1982 Laser Disc, Japan Laser Disc, Germany, 1994 FSK 16, Madison Home Video, VHS, Germany Best Buy Movie, DVD, Germany Rated R, Blu-Ray, USA FSK 15, Image Entertainment, Blu-Ray, USA, 2013 Warner Bros., Movie Poster, USA, 1982

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