Stephen King, Richard Bachman: Roadwork - Novel

France Loisirs, Hardcover, France, 1994 Albin Michel, Hardcover, France, 1987 Prószyński i S-ka, Hardcover, Poland, 2002 also contains The Long Walk, ACT, Hardcover, Russia, 2014 ACT, Hardcover, Russia Sonzogno, Hardcover, Italy, 1987
Heyne, Paperback, Germany, 2013 Ullstein, Paperback, Germany, 2006 Heyne, Paperback, Germany, 2003 Der Fluch / Menschenjagd / Sprengstoff, Heyne, Paperback, Germany, 1994 Heyne, Paperback, Germany, 1992 Heyne, Paperback, Germany Heyne, Paperback, Germany Pocket Books, Paperback, USA, 2016 Signet, Paperback, USA, 1999 Signet, Paperback, USA, 1999 Signet, Paperback, USA, 1981 New English Library, Paperback, Great Britain Le Livre de Poche, Paperback, France, 2002 J'ai Lu, Paperback, France, 2000 J'ai Lu, Paperback, France, 1996 J'ai Lu, Paperback, France, 1991 Le Livre de Poche, Paperback, France
Published in
The Bachman Books, 1986

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