Stephen King: Carrie - Novel

Deluxe: Slipcased, Traycased Artist, Traycased Artist LETTER, Cemetery Dance, Hardcover, USA, 2014 Holdorf Edition, Doubleday, Hardcover, USA, 1993 Doubleday, Hardcover, USA, 1974 Turtleback Books, Paperback, USA, 2013 Carrie: Studies in the Horror Film, Centipede Press, Paperback, USA, 2012 Anchor, Paperback, USA, 2011 San Val, Paperback, USA, 2000 Turtleback Books, Paperback, USA, 1999 Signet, Paperback, USA, 1991 Signet, Paperback, USA, 1976 Signet, Paperback, USA, 1975 Signet, Paperback, USA, 1975 ARC, Doubleday, Paperback, USA, 1974 Playbill, Paperback, USA Plume, Paperback, USA Doubleday, Paperback, USA gekürzte Fassung, New Readers Press, Paperback, USA Movie Tie-in, Signet, Paperback, USA Promotionausgabe zum Musical, Signet, Paperback, USA Movie Tie-in Edition, Random House Audio, Audio Book, USA, 2013 Audible Download, Random House Audio, Audio Book, USA, 2012 Audiokassette, Hodder & Stoughton, Audio Book, USA, 2012 Unabridged Audio-Cassette, Simon & Schuster Audio, Audio Book, USA, 2005

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