Short Fiction

The Star Invaders, 1964The 43rd Dream, 1966The Glass Floor, 1967Cain Rose Up, 1968Here There Be Tygers, 1968Strawberry Spring, 1968Harrison State Park '68, 1968The Dark Man, 1969Night Surf, 1969The Reaper's Image, 1969Stud City, 1969Graveyard Shift, 1970Donovan's Brain, 1970Silence, 1970The Hardcase Speaks, 1971I am the Doorway, 1971The Blue Air Compressor, 1971The Old Dude's Ticker, 1971Brooklyn August, 1971The Mangler, 1972Battleground, 1972Suffer the Little Children, 1972The Fifth Quarter, 1972
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