Locke & KeyLocke & Key: Shades Of Terror colouring bookThe Lawnmower Man, 1981Stephen King's Creepshow, 1982Heroes for Hope, 1985The Gunslinger Born, 2007The Dark Tower, 2007Dark Tower Comics, 2007The Long Road Home, 2008Treachery, 2008The Stand Vol. 1: Captain Trips, 2008Locke & Key 1: Welcome To Lovecraft, 2008The Battle of Jericho Hill, 2009The Fall of Gilead, 2009The Stand Vol. 2: American Nightmares, 2009The Talisman I: The Road of Trials, 2009Road Rage, 2009Locke & Key 2: Head Games, 2009Locke & Key 3: Crown of Shadows, 2009The Journey Begins, 2010The Little Sisters of Eluria, 2010The Stand - Volume 3: Soul Survivors, 2010
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