Night Shift, 1978Different Seasons, 1982Leeson Park and Belsize Square: Poems 1970-1975, 1983Skeleton Crew, 1985Four Past Midnight, 1990Houses without Doors, 1990Nightmares and Dreamscapes, 1993In The Walled City, 1993Six Stories, 1997Hearts in Atlantis, 1999Blood and Smoke, 1999Everything's Eventual, 200220th Century Ghosts, 2005The Secretary of Dreams Volume One, 2006Just After Sunset, 2008Who Can Save Us Now?, 2008Stephen King Goes To The Movies, 2009Full Dark, No Stars, 2010The Secretary of Dreams Volume Two, 2010The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, 2015A Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers, 2017Full Throttle, 2019If It Bleeds, 2020
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