15 blizn, 201165 Great Spine Chillers , 1982999, 1999A Book of Horrors, 2011A Carnivale of Horror: Dark Tales from the Fairground, 2012A Fabulous Formless Darkness , 1991Alien Contact, 2012American Fantastic Tales, 2009American Supernatural Tales, 2007Bad Seeds: Evil Progeny, 2013Best New Fantasy, 2006Book of the Dead, 1989Bred Any Good Rooks Lately, 1986By Blood We Live, 2009Cemetery Dance Signature Series #1, 2006Chamber of Horrors, 1984Classic Science Fiction, 1998Classic Tales of Horror and the Supernatural, 1991Crush, 2016Cults!, 1983Cyrion in Bronze, 1983Dämonengeschenk - Unheimliche Geschichten, 1985Dark Love, 1995
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