Desperation, 1996The Regulators, 1996The Names of the Dead, 1996The Dark Tower - Wizard and Glass, 1997The Speed Queen, 1997Survivor, 1997Bag of Bones, 1998A World Away, 1998Storm of the Century, 1999The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, 1999A Good Day to Die, 1999A Prayer for the Dying, 1999Dreamcatcher, 2001Black House, 2001Everyday People, 2001From a Buick 8, 2002The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, 2002Wish You Were Here, 2002The Dark Tower - Wolves of the Calla, 2003The Night Country, 2003Lost Boy Lost Girl, 2003The Dark Tower - Song of Susannah, 2004The Dark Tower - The Dark Tower, 2004
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