The Stand, DVD, 2004 The Stand, VHS, 1995 Stephen King's The Stand Original Television Soundtrack, CD, 1994 Night Shift, Audio Book, 2005 The Bachman Books, Paperback, 1985 The Bachman Books, Paperback, 2007 The Bachman Books, Paperback, 2012 Stephen King's IT, DVD Stephen King's IT, DVD Knowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by Stephen, Hardcover, 2009 Salem's Lot, DVD, 1996 Children of the Corn, Blu-Ray, 2009 Salem's Lot, VHS Children of the Corn - Remake, DVD, 2009 Salem's Lot, DVD, 2000 Salem's Lot, Movie Poster, 1979 Stephen King's IT, VHS, 1992 Salem's Lot, Movie Poster, 1979 Children of the Corn Original Television Soundtrack, CD, 2009
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