Different Seasons, Hardcover, 1998 Different Seasons, unknown format The Dark Tower - The Gunslinger, Hardcover, 2003 The Dark Tower - The Gunslinger, unknown format, 2003 Roadwork, Paperback, 2010 Roadwork, Paperback, 2003 Roadwork, Hardcover, 2002 Roadwork, unknown format Danse Macabre, Paperback, 1995 Cujo, Paperback, 2001 Firestarter, unknown format The Long Walk, Hardcover, 2006 The Long Walk, Paperback, 1992 The Dead Zone, Hardcover, 2004 The Dead Zone, Paperback, 2000 The Dead Zone, Hardcover, 1998 The Dead Zone, Paperback, 1993 The Dead Zone, unknown format Night Shift, Hardcover, 2003
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